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Portable Zipping Sewing Kit

Portable Zipping Sewing Kit

Every home and traveler needs a companion sewing kit for those moments when a button pops, a seam bursts or clothing rips unexpectedly. This compact design sewing kit takes up minimal space and it's packed with everything you need for quick fixes. It is perfect for easy and quick repairs at home or on the go. 
It is also a great first sewing kit for kids, a perfect holiday gift for grandma, mom, brides, girls, college students and campers.
  • Description

    Never be Caught Unprepared Again! 

    With this all-in-one yet compact sewing kit, you have the power and tools to quickly make the small repairs yourself. Carrying this essential kit offers you many benefits: 

    - Never struggle to find a thread, needle or a scissor - all tools organized in a small kit 
    - No more poking around a tiny matchbox-sized case with loose needles stabbing 
    - Never worry about finding a tailor for small repairs - could be really difficult when you are traveling 
    - Basic craft or embroidery work is easy even while traveling 
    - A Blessing for the performing artists - easy repair of any rip or tear that occurred during the performance or just before it 

    Package Includes: 
    1x Sewing Kit

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